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Catching the Photo Bug

May 03, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

It was 2015.  I started out wanting a decent camera to take pictures of my family - toddler, high schooler, hubby, and the animals (dogs, cats and chickens).  And, because I'm relatively frugal when it comes to dropping big dollars, I headed to COSTCO.  Their website, actually.  I searched and read reviews. I searched again, and again, and again.  Until there was a sale.  More specifically, one day left of a sale.  That $200 off did the trick.  I bought a Canon EOS 70D with the lens kit.  From COSTCO.  Thus began my weird passion.  Or obsession.  Depending on your perspective.

After some candid family photos, the moon became fascinating to me.  Full moons, half moons, crescent moons, blood moons, etc.  Then, when exhaustion hit from night viewing rather than sleeping, I became intrigued by vultures soaring above my yard, or along the coast.  They seem so peaceful (in an odd way) and graceful.  When they all started to blend and blur my vision - and when friends stopped returning my calls, sick of hearing about the latest vulture I saw - I turned to hawks.  That gave me plenty of subject to obsess over...five were regularly soaring in the skies over my house.  One came so close that I could almost touch the barred feathering of the underbelly as it soared a few feet above my SUV.  Which was parked in my driveway.  With me sitting in it.  I learned then to always carry my camera with me.  Because THAT would have been a great photo.  On one trip back from LA visiting the hubby's family, a bald eagle flew across Highway 101.  No joke.  Hubby almost crashed the car in his excitement.  Of course I didn't believe him.  So I scheduled a visit back to a campsite near the supposed bald eagle sighting to see if I could capture one with my camera.  And I did.  Although with my introductory lens kit (an 18-55MM and a 55-250mm), there wasn't a whole lot of detail.  You could kind of see the white head though.  Weeks later, in Bodega Bay, the sea lions playing in the oceans were ripe for photos, and I captured some potentially really good shots.  But again, the detail wasn't there.   If only I had a better telephoto lens, I thought.

And thus, the obsession began.


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